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I can not give a thorough history of the said Andrew VARNEY’s family as they were reared and many still live, in the head of Pigeon Creek, and I am not very familiar with them as a whole, but shall proceed to tell what I do understand in regard to them.

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Prince William County, Virginia is rich in history. Formed in 1731, it was named for Prince William, Duke of Cumberland, son of King George II. This blog is intended as a place for descendants and researchers of PWCo families to find and share information.

THE EWING FAMILY. Nathaniel’s (2) family appear to have disposed of their part and left this neighborhood before the end of the last century. The Gillespie farm was cut off of the west end and the Preston tract was the northern part, which was called the Nathaniel Ewing farm. This tradition mislead me.

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Nancy Agnes or Agnes Nancy Crockett (Husband – William) (born WALKUP) was born on month day 1774, at birth place, North Carolina, to James Alexander (Wachope) Capt Walkup, , Sr. and Margaret Nancy Jean Walkup (born Pickens).

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Bandwidth throttling is the slowing of the usually available bandwidth used by devices to access the internet. ISPs and mobile carriers will throttle bandwidth.

DENNISTOUN PAST AND PRESENT By JAMES BAIRD FOREWORD By Ex-Treasurer James Barrie, J. P. THE HISTORY OF DENNISTOUN, Past and present, is well worthy of being put on record. The proximity of the suburb to the centre of the city, and its ready access by car, has made it one [.]

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