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Love Thy Body insists that Christians, especially evangelicals, must recover the beauty and coherence of a teleological worldview. In this way, the book forms a much-needed bridge between Catholic theology of the body and evangelicalism. Yet the book exhibits a subtle but unresolved ambiguity regarding the telos of sex.

(This is page part of my my read-through of the Bible as a starting point for the development of a biblical theology of ethics. More on ethics. More on Genesis) Creation The first ethical concept introduced in the Bible is ‘good’. Genesis 1 paints the picture of a world that God created, and it was very.

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Teleological and Deontological Ethical Systems When looking at two separate definitions.. ambiguity or in some cases inconsistency. However in all approaches to ethics, such as Kantianism, Utilitarianism or in this case virtue there will be logical, rational and sound decisions made and.

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A systems-theoretic (and more specifically, a structural) teleological functional approach to the problem of intentionality, because it is importantly ahistorical, has the merit of incorporating normative considerations into the philosophy of mind without rendering the causal efficacy of intentional states unnecessarily mysterious.

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Ambiguity in this instance visualizes that these male narratives hinge on something, which is what we now wish to excavate as an area of serious academic endeavour. And it also hinges on how Saro Wiwa’s autobiographies who happen to be male is inevitably sexist in orientation, this will, however, be shown when examining in particular the.

JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 27, 259-270 (1991) Ambiguity in the Internal/ External Distinction in Causal Attribution PETER A. WHITE School of Psychology, University of Wales College of Cardiff, P.O. Box 901, Cardiff CFl 3YG, United kingdom received february 28, 1990 Many studies of causal attribution have used measures of internal (or personal) and external (or situational.

a. prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, or national origin. b. penalizes the top executives in an organization for misconduct. c. is basically the same as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. d. discourages whistle-blowers from reporting misconduct. e. prohibits pay discrimination on the basis of gender.