CUNA, league, CU grassroots efforts bring victory in Texas

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CUNA, league, CU grassroots efforts bring victory in Texas – CUInsight Texans overwhelmingly voted in favor of two credit union-backed amendments to the state’s constitution Tuesday.

CUNA Speaks Out on League Choice Only credit unions with a significant number of members in more than one state may be eligible for league choice.

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CUNA board resolution establishes DEI as CU cooperative principle ; CUNA’s Schenk talks HELOCs with; WOCCU, Va. League, CULedger explore CU future in Estonia; Montana’s CUs bring CU philosophy into classrooms ; Final Payday Alternative Loan rule on NCUA’s Sept. 19 agenda; 42 certified as Credit Union Business Lending Professionals

Willard will replace the well-known Ensweiler, who announced in December 2015 his plans to retire at the end of April 2017, following more than 20 years of service to credit unions at the Texas Credit Union League, which became part of Cornerstone Credit Union League, along with leagues in Oklahoma and Arkansas in 2013.

In support of CUNA’s Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation, the League has activated its action alert for the S.2155 bill and is encouraging credit unions to voice their support for this legislation reform. To contact your U.S. representative, visit the League’s grassroots advocacy page here.

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