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v. PREFACE. It is a matter of especial satisfaction to me that my work, "The History of the Jews, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day," should be rendered accessible to the English-reading public in a compact form and by means of an adequate translation; for in countries where English is spoken, books are not only bought, bound, and placed in libraries, but are also read, taken to heart.

FFT: Seversky and the IS-OUGHT gap. Posted on May 1, 2017 May 3, 2017 author kairosfocus comments(297) Spread the love. In the ongoing AJ vs ID discussion thread, major tangential debates have developed. One of these is on the IS-OUGHT gap, and it is worth headlining due to its pivotal.

We Homo sapiens are the only rational/moral "conscious observers" that’ve ever lived on this biosphere Michael; a biblical reality revealed millenia-ago, that’s still referred to in neuroscience as the "hard problem of consciousness" – seeing as though this perennially recalcitrant feature of reality has continued to defy a strict.

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The ruling Christian Democrats in Germany looked set to back a national minimum wage, having previously been strongly against it. It is the latest of the party’s beliefs to be junked by Angela Merkel, as she tries to steal opposition ideas before the next election.

Without the limitations of mortality, these aimless beings dedicate their lives to learning about art and history, recalling their meetings with famous poets, playwrights, and scientists. They reject murder and find alternative venues to procure their meals of blood. Forced to hide their nature, they become observers, flowing with the years.

"Unionizing and collectivizing led to the Magna Carta in England. The entire American resistance to the tyranny of England’s King George, it can be rightfully argued was unionizing," said Dr. Jackson P. Steele Miller, head of the Society for the Demystification and Debunking of the American Myth. "America was always a union effort.

Wheaton College and professor larycia hawkins today announced plans to part ways, peaceably and in some kind of "reconciliation." Both were undoubtedly ready to put their highly publicized.