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Comparing Loads of Different Share Classes. At that point, the shares are converted to class A shares with no back-end load. Some class B share funds also charge annual 12b-1 fees, which can increase investment costs over time. When Class B shares are converted to Class A shares, the 12b-1 fees go away.

Redemption fee. Redemption Fee-another type of fee that some funds charge their shareholders when they sell or redeem shares. Unlike a deferred sales load, a redemption fee is paid to the fund (not to a Stockbroker) and is typically used to defray fund costs associated with a shareholder’s redemption.

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Investing costs can be a key factor in your net return. To minimize those costs, you need to understand how mutual funds assess fees and expenses. Though cost alone shouldn’t drive your investment decisions, a little research is valuable. The best choice at first glance may have hidden costs, and.

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footnote 2 Account may be subject to an account service fee.. footnote 3 Commission-free transactions will apply to the first 25 transactions for Flagship clients and the first 100 transactions for Flagship Select clients in each calendar year for any combination of stocks, options, transaction-fee mutual funds, and non-Vanguard ETFs not included in the commission-free offer.

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